Together We Are Stronger: American Chamber / Mexico


Mexico City.- As part of the 100th General Assembly of Members, Monica Flores Barragan, President of ManpowerGroup for Latin America, he was elected by the membership to preside American Chamber of Commerce of Mexico for the period 2017-2018. Flores Barragan will be the first Mexican woman to be at the forefront of this business organization.

During his inauguration speech, Monica Flores proposed two lines of work for the House during his tenure: first, prepare a strategic agenda aimed at increasing the competitiveness of the private sector, within a framework of transparency and legality; and secondly, implement actions binational relationship between the companies that make AMCHAM to strengthen collaboration at all levels of the supply chain and society.

In this context, he highlighted the attendees that “the raison d’etre of Amcham is to facilitate trade and strengthen the relationship between Mexico and the United States, more than ever, is key.” Also to businessmen, representatives of partner companies, government officials and opinion leaders of Mexico and the United States, the new president of AMCHAM reiterated his commitment at the head of the House will “build an attractive business environment for investment generate better opportunities on both sides of the border. ” Similarly, it reaffirmed that the organization will continue to drive business growth in Mexico, formal employment and talent development as well detonators.

For his part, José María Zas, outgoing President of American Chamber / Mexico, who led the organization in the period 2015-2017, reaffirmed that “the fate of the United States and Mexico are intertwined and the only way to win is to strengthen and boosting our cooperation, understanding and dialogue for the common good “.

During the event, José Antonio Meade, Minister of Finance, said that now turn to monetary policy send signals certainty to the markets and, thus, anchoring inflation expectations and investment processes in Mexico joint participation in the public and private sector. He also said that the government has the task to continue working on the implementation of structural reforms that provide sources of employment and opportunities for development.

In his speech, Roberta S. Jacobson, Ambassador of the United States in Mexico and Honorary President of AMCHAM, noted that “The benefits of having women leaders in modern society are well recognized -we know that diversity in leadership produces innovation. we know that when we use the most of the talent of our people, our nations and our companies are more productive. ”

Carlos Sada Solana, Secretary for North America of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs America, Mexico has established a bilateral relationship with the United States unique in the world and a trilateral, including Canada, that work very well. We must seize this opportunity offered by the modernization of our trade instruments to strengthen the bilateral relationship. He concluded that America is destined to be a more prosperous and secure region if the three countries working shoulder to shoulder.

Finally, Rogelio Garza, undersecretary of Industry and Trade of the Ministry of Economy, said that the Mexican government reaffirms its commitment to free trade, integration and competitiveness. “We are fully prepared to work and dialogue, provided it is for the benefit of the people of the three countries of North America , ” he said.

Monica Flores Barragan is actuary of the National Autonomous University of Mexico and has a master ‘s degree in philosophy from the Universidad Panamericana and a master ‘s degree in business administration from the IPADE. ManpowerGroup as president of Latin America, Monica Flores is responsible for the operation of this company in 18 countries. It is also part of the Board of Directors of several educational, governmental and business institutions. Finally, the Senate awarded him the distinction “Outstanding Woman of the Year 2011”.