Official Meeting Between Mexico and the United States to Strengthen Competitiveness and Economic Security


Washington, DC – US Customs and Border Protection US (CBP) and the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit, through the Tax Administration Service, met today in Mexico City in order to advance the development of Century XXI customs in both countries. Recognizing the importance of facilitating cross – border flows, officials from both countries expressed their willingness to work together to improve competitiveness and economic security.

“The economies of Mexico and the United States are deeply integrated, and increased traffic requires innovation to process cargo and travelers along our shared border , ” said CBP Acting Commissioner Kevin McAleenan. “Meetings like this give even greater force to the close association between CBP and SAT of Mexico allowing us to work to improve security and optimize the transit of hundreds of thousands of people and 1.600 million in goods crossing between Mexico and the US everyday. Both sides are committed to improving our efforts to implement the trade laws in order to protect against evasion of payment of import duties and violations of intellectual property rights “.

During the meeting, the SAT and Customs and Border Protection of the United States expressed interest in:

* Give greater emphasis on bilateral work in facilitating trade and travel;

* Develop a productive relationship through joint collaborative efforts;

* Pursue cooperation on innovative approaches to cargo inspection, in order to further facilitate cross – border flow of goods, while an efficient and effective use of available resources is made;

* Continue to improve the efficiency of our customs processes to manage risk and reduce processing times and transaction costs for both the business communities of both institutions;

* Promote better standards, measures and international controls through stronger partnerships with the business community, to improve the security of the supply chain; Y

* Continue to develop and implement the harmonization of data requirements in order to facilitate cargo processing and expand its capabilities and cooperation, particularly in the field of risk management and review of charge.

Collaborations like this, the SAT and CBP take a further step to form a competitive, intelligent, transparent, collaborative and global customs.


Customs and Border Protection US (CBP) is the unified border agency within the Department of Homeland Security whose mandate is the management, control and protection of our nation ‘s borders in both official ports of entry and the interspaces. CBP is required to keep terrorists and their weapons out of the country while applying hundreds of the country ‘s laws.