U.S. Embassy Presents Training Programs Mérida Initiative To States To Safety


Zacatecas , Zac . – The U.S. Embassy in Mexico presented to the security authorities of the state of Zacatecas training programs under the Merida Initiative.


Similarly, coordination mechanisms for professionalization and supports that may be granted in terms of equipment of the police state and municipalities were established.


The programs presented during the meeting held at the General Secretariat of Government are called: Gang , Anti-Kidnapping , First Responder , International Accreditation of Forensic Services under ISO17025 and Basic Standards for the Professional Career Service .


The supports are to be offered for training both in Mexico and the United States, other countries , attending international conferences as well as equipment and knowledge in intelligence .


The Secretary General of Government , Francisco Escobedo Villegas, reported on the actions that have been undertaken in the field of security, not only in professional but also in infrastructure.


By the U.S. Embassy were : the U.S. Consul General in Monterrey , Joseph Pomper ; Mattehew Langhenry , Program Coordinator ; Arturo Venegas, police adviser Assistance Program International Criminal Investigative Training ( ICITAP ) and Robert Arce , regional coordinator.


National Secretariat of Public Security : Mireya Betancourt Barbosa , CEO of operational coordination ; Homer Galeana Chupin , CEO of Technical Support ; Xareny Vega Alvarez, area director of Operational Department .


For the Government of the State also were Nahle Attorney Arturo Garcia, the Secretary for Security , General Jesus Pinto Ortiz, and the Executive Secretary of the State Security System, Jorge Alberto Perez Pinto.


Also in attendance clerks Municipal Government of Guadalupe , Julio Cesar Chavez, and Zacatecas, Alfredo Salazar ; German commanders Roman, the capital city police , and Arturo Leija , Municipal Police Fresnillo .

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