Inauguration Youth Center Built by Youth Alliance


Monterrey, Nuevo Leon – The Youth program with Rumbo opened the doors of its Youth Centre in the La Alianza, in Monterrey, to provide various services and activities for young colony found in situation risk for not being in school, being unemployed and living in areas of violence.

The Ministry of Social Development of the State provided a space to Youth program Rumbo in the Community Centre Alliance so he could build a safe space dedicated specifically to youth in the community. The new Youth Centre was built by a group of 24 young colony participating in the program and were part of a technical-practical training in construction trades.

During the event, young beneficiaries of the program shared with the audience his impressions and lessons learned during the program, and youth who built the Youth Center were recognized for their efforts and dedication. There was also a presentation of the group «Alliance Batucada» participating in the Youth Leadership Program with Rumbo.

The event was chaired by Rafael Eduardo Ramos de la Garza, Secretary of Social Development of Nuevo Leon and Gustavo Hernández Verástica, Executive Director of Youth Services, AC, an organization that operates the Youth program Rumbo in Monterrey. Also participated Timothy Cross, President of YouthBuild International Jennifer Renquist, Director of Prevention of Crime and Violence USAID / Mexico, and Tere Lanzagorta, Youth Program Director Flights, YouthBuild International.

The Rumbo Youth Program is a program of violence prevention, coordinated by YouthBuild International and operated by Youth Services, AC (SERAJ) in Monterrey and Youth Community Builders, AC (JCC) in Tijuana. Part of social prevention programs Pillar IV of the Merida Initiative and is funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

The program aims to reduce the impact of violence on youth, expanding the supply of quality services for their employability and personal development. Youth with Rumbo operates from 2013 in the cities of Monterrey and Tijuana, and to date served over 5,500 youth in their different strategies:, UNAIDS of desertion or school n, reinserci ng work and education, care for youth in conflict with the law, technical training and strengthening leadership.

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