Announce The Start of Construction of the Port of Entry Laredo Juarez-Lincoln


Laredo, TX August 18, 2015 – At today’s General Administrator of the General Services Administration of the US. UU. (GSA), Sylvia Hernandez, and the Director of Field Operations Department of Homeland / Security Customs and Border Protection (CBP) of the US. UU., David Higgerson, Congressman Henry Cuellar of Laredo and Mayor Pete Saenz came together to announce the start of construction for the expansion and modernization of the Port of Entry Juarez-Lincoln located at the southern end of I-35 in Laredo, Texas.

The project of the Port of Entry Juarez-Lincoln include the construction of a new unit for inspection of buses and cars. Currently, the port has a great flow of traffic leading to occasional congestion and there is an urgent need for additional space and modern facilities. It is expected that the project will significantly ease the traffic and that current facilities they become more functional and give greater assistance to CBP in fulfilling its mission to protect the borders of the United States. During the duration of the works, the port will remain in full operation.

Project data:

The project involves the creation of a Building for Vehicle Processing will feature:

Individual compartments and roofing for the fall and rise of bus passengers

  • Passenger screening lanes


  • Baggage inspection area


  • Bus inspection area


  • Permitting area I-94


  • Administrative support areas CBP


Space designated for the Federal Administration of Motor Carrier Safety (FMCSA) and the Commission of Texas Alcoholic Beverage (TABC)

Once the project is completed, travelers will check a decrease in processing time and increased vehicle safety and prevention for both the general public and for officers of Customs and Border Protection

Estimated project schedule

or   Commencement of work: September 2015


or   Duration of works: 2.5 years


or   Completion date: Spring 2018


GSA Regional Administrator, Sylvia Hernandez said: «Laredo is a priority for the GSA and represents our vision to make decisions that are strategic and intelligent together with our partner agencies and all other stakeholders, while we promote the development economic development in local communities. This project will expedite traffic for all those who use the crossing and facilitate the mission of the CBP to protect the borders of the United States. »

The Director of Operations of the CBP, David Higgerson said: «We are extremely excited and pleased to see that these improvements as needed for the area of processing of buses in the Lincoln-Juarez Bridge and improvements in the pedestrian section of the entrance to the bridge Americas materialize «said Director of Operations David P. Higgerson Office of Laredo. «Traffic volume ever increasing has far exceeded the current facilities and will work closely with all stakeholders at the federal, state and local levels to facilitate the flow of traffic during the works. We look forward to seeing the installations and finished and can use them. »

Congressman Henry Cuellar said: «This is a major federal investment in our community Our international bridges serve several important purposes:. Ensure Laredo position as market leader in North America, increase tourism in our communities and are also a means important to connect families on both sides of the border, «said Congressman Cuellar. «The historic announcement was made ​​today means these awaited renovations at the Bridge II will significantly reduce travel time buyers and international tourists each year contributing millions of dollars to our economy.

«I thank David Higgerson, Director of Operations of the Regional Office of the CBP Laredo and Sylvia Hernandez, Regional Administrator for the General Services Administration (GSA) for his immeasurable contribution to submit an improved draft format for the work permit improving the circulation of pedestrians and non-commercial vehicles. In addition, we will work with the city of Laredo, the city of Nuevo Laredo, CBP, Mexican Customs and the private sector to minimize disruptions in the flow of traffic and disturbance to surrounding businesses during construction. »

Mr. Saenz, Mayor of the City of Laredo, said: «Laredo has always been a trading community, frontier crossing and which has led to the current traffic volume exceeds the capacity of the facilities we have here at the Bridge II . The investment to ease traffic congestion and, more importantly, will enable Customs officials and Border Surveillance United States continue to fulfill its mission, will be well received here in these two bridges, «said Mayor City of Laredo, Pete Saenz. «As one of the busiest border crossings for pedestrians, cars and buses in the country, these improvements at the Bridge II will lead not only to more efficient and secure processing of persons wishing to enter the United States but also it prevents people stay outdoors for a period of undue time. Finally, these improvements will enable the timeout while CBP officers carried out the necessary inspections, more humane and in a protected area. I must thank Congressman Cuellar for his contribution to making this project a reality, thanks to his work for the financing of this project as a priority for the GSA, for this community and for all those who use the system Laredo Bridge daily. In addition, I welcome the GSA efforts to get these improvements in the safety and welfare of CBP officers processed daily income of hundreds of people in these two crossings Laredo Port of Entry, «he said.

Statistics Juarez-Lincoln:

or   In 2014 they passed through the Port of Entry Juarez-Lincoln 41,230 buses and bus passengers 1,020,567 3,911,698 cars, which made ​​him the busiest national harbor by buses and fourth in number of cars.


or   Since 1995, bus traffic has increased by 94.6% and the number of passengers traveling by bus on a 226.9%.


or   20.3% of all bus passengers entering the US. UU. (Nationally) do through the Port of Entry Juarez-Lincoln.


Additional details of the project:

  • The projects will improve the timing and amount of resources required to process cars and buses. At the same time they provide greater security to the public and officials of Customs and Border Protection and will result in a more enjoyable experience for all port users.


  • The project is committed to sustainable design and get the LEED Gold certification.
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