Ambassador Jacobson Opens New Building General Consulate

Nuevo Laredo, Tamps. – This morning, Roberta Jacobson was in Nuevo Laredo, in what will be his last visit as US Ambassador to this border town. Ambassador symbolically dedicated the new building of the US Consulate General. UU. in Nuevo Laredo in the presence of guests of honor by the municipal and state governments.


As a sign of lasting friendship and the important bilateral partnership, Ambassador Jacobson and the US Consul General in Nuevo Laredo, Phillip Linderman, along with local officials, today made the symbolic ribbon cutting of this diplomatic office.


The new US Consulate General. UU. will give this city a safe and reliable platform for diplomacy and includes an office building, an annex of support and community facilities Consulate General, representing the values of the United States and the best in architecture, engineering, technology, sustainability , art, culture and construction execution.


To conclude his visit, Roberta Jacobson toured the new facilities with the guests of honor, enjoying the architectural work of Moore Ruble and PAGE as well as the construction of BL Harbert International.


Latent before the inauguration of this new diplomatic compound emotion, the Consul General Linderman said consular staff in these offices will start operations from May, leaving the building used since the 80s.


«We have mixed feelings as we move into our new house because we left a building that has served our diplomacy here in the city for more than 30 years; but we are happy and proud to show our commitment to the community of the two Laredos and lasting bilateral relationship that this building represents «- Phillip Linderman


Ambassador Jacobson said goodbye reiterating his delight in the cultural richness of the border region that combines aspects of the two great nations, making it doubly strong and relevant.


«There is a saying at the border, we are two countries, but one community. The building shows that this border community is strong and enduring. I’m sure that this building will witness great opportunities, interesting exchanges of ideas and outstanding bilateral projects. In the United States we are committed to building a stable, prosperous and competitive region. – Roberta Jacobson

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