Avoid Becoming a Victim of Fraud Involving US Visas


Monterrey, Nuevo Leon.- The US Consulate General in Monterrey strongly condemns visa fraud committed against workers who are brought to Monterrey under the false promise of legal employment in the United States.

This diplomatic representation works closely with authorities of the five states that its consular district covers (Coahuila, Durango, Nuevo Leon, San Luis Potosi and Zacatecas) and is committed to prevent any kind of fraud related to visas and bringing any suspicious activity to the attention of Mexican authorities, who ultimately have the jurisdiction to prosecute those responsible. We ask that any affected file your complaint with the appropriate Mexican authorities so that cases can be properly investigated and prosecuted.

The US government remains committed in supporting qualified wishing to work legally in the United States through the H2 worker program, which offers opportunities for foreigners to work in agriculture, construction and other seasonal jobs in the United States workers. It should be noted that the Consulate does not recruit, you do not have a job, applicants do not meet anywhere to promote, invite or take people to work in the United States.

In order to inform and prevent visa applicants are victims of fraud during the process for obtaining a temporary work visa H2, one wanted to clarify some concepts on these visas.

The procedure for obtaining a temporary work visa H2 is initiated by the employer in the United States, with a request checking that you do not find the workers it needs. Once your application is approved by the government of the United States, the American employer will send the documents to the Mexican worker. The American company does all the paperwork in the US and the applicant goes to the Consulate only as a last step to arrange a visa once the employer to submit these documents.

Some American employers flock to local recruiters to hire Mexican workers, however, we remind you that the workers have to pay to secure employment in the US. In order to get a better idea if the job offered is real or a scam, we recommend to all workers ask their recruiter specifics on employment in the US as:

ü   Where the work is performed


ü   Number of request


ü   Effective date of the petition


ü   Type of work to be done


ü   Salary, accommodation, transportation, etc.


In turn, they are warning that there are people who falsely present themselves as representatives of the Consulate. These individuals / organizations (commonly known as ‘coyotes’) charge for assistance to those wishing to obtain a visa to travel to the US.

Some general recommendations in its visa process are:

  • Do not be fooled by intermediaries


  • Do not buy fake paperwork to process their visa


  • Do not pay money for the visa form as it is free online


  • Distrust who offered a service visas because nobody but the Consulate can issue or refuse a visa


  • Fill all the information in the visa application with the truth and with accurate contact details


If you suspect is committing visa fraud, and want to inform the consulate in Monterrey, please report it to the phone: 01-800-108-4724 or by e-mail: [email protected]

For more information on the processing of visas:


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