US Seeks Business Opportunities In Mining Of Zacatecas.


Zacatecas, Zac.- The US Consul General in Monterrey, Joseph Pomper, accompanied by representatives of nine companies in the mining branch, visited Zacatecas with the intention of creating business opportunities in the mining industry.


They were received by officials of the Ministry of Economy (Sezac), which mentioned that Zacatecas is fertile ground for mining investment and that this activity represents more than 38 percent in economic matters for the entity.


After welcoming they mentioned that the state occupies first place in production of silver, lead, zinc, copper and gold. In addition, they rated their presence as a sign of confidence and the first of many trade missions.


Similarly, they explained to the delegation that, through the Mining Cluster (Clusmin), it was possible linkage with suppliers of mining, which have shown great quality of work as suppliers.


They also said that negotiations arising from this visit will be conducive to the development of mining in the state and, therefore, to create jobs and promote economic flow circulation.


For his part, Consul Joseph Pomper explained that the potential of Zacatecas in mining is very important and generates more business relationship between the two countries.


He noted that Mexico is the third largest trading partner of the United States and our country is the first in the United States. Moreover, entrepreneurs generate business between the two countries in mining is beneficial for both parties.


American businessmen visited some mines in the state and subsequently met with employers in the mining suppliers and members of Clusmin; John Howell, commercial consul, also attended the working trip.

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