Consulate Fund 10 Community Projects

Monterrey.-  In an effort to support communities of northeastern Mexico, and strengthen bilateral relations in this region, the US Consulate in Monterrey issued a call last January to solicit proposals and fund community projects.

After an evaluation process more than 150 proposals received from six northeastern states of Mexico, the evaluation committee selected the following 10 projects to be financed by the consulate. Below is a brief description. For details, see:

or   Robotics Club | Alfa Foundation, AC | New Lion

The aim is to support students in vulnerable communities through the consolidation of the Robotics Club of the Preparatory Alfa Foundation, involving young people at risk by encouraging education in areas of innovation, science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

or   Pint by your city | Gabriel Santillan Guzmán (community leader) | San Luis Potosi

This program will work with the local community in San Luis Potosi to address the problem of vandalism and graffiti damaging private property, historic monuments, homes and businesses. It is planned to create spaces for urban art and provide young people of the city a sense of belonging and inclusion. It includes a campaign to teach respect, identity, and the inclusion of young people through the creation of murals, workshops and lectures on artistic techniques and motivational topics. An American muralist travel to San Luis Potosi to participate in workshops with local artists.

or   Training and support to civil society organizations recently created | Education and Citizenship AC (Educiac) | San Luis Potosi

The program will contribute to the development of civil society in San Luis Potosi providing training for civil society organizations recently created. The courses include topics of strategic planning, project planning and implementation, fundraising, management of an organization of civil society, accounting, inclusion and social cohesion. The consulate will also support virtual meetings with experts on civil society.

or   Mind in Action Women in Technology | Network of Women in Technology AC | New Lion

This program focuses on science, technology and personal growth of 50 teenage girls socioeconomically disadvantaged areas. The workshops focus on STEM education, as well as lectures and activities focusing on personal growth, training, gender equality, leadership, professional image and sexual education.

or   Small @ s @ s Ciudadan | Entrepreneurs forming ABP | New Lion

In collaboration with about 144 volunteers, this program focuses on the culture of legality for elementary students in the municipalities of San Pedro Garza Garcia, Santa Catarina and Garcia.

or   First Summer STEM RFM | Preparatory Ricardo Flores Magon, AC . | Tamaulipas

The program will focus on motivating high school students to remain in school and guide them through the various support systems to continue their academic life by a STEM camp. Camp activities include robotics, mathematics, physics, computer science , chemistry and biology. It will be invited teachers from eight secondary schools to familiarize participants with the educational model STEM.

or   Craft workshop for village women «El Conejo» | Durango Project, BC | Durango

This project will train community women Rabbit on creating and selling crafts from recyclable materials, transmit skills for participants to be displayed as leaders and micro entrepreneurs and empowered women, capable of managing the human and financial resources, and materials from their microenterprises. He also instructed about product placement on the market.

or   A Look at Human Rights | Rene Adrian Salinas (community leader) | Tamaulipas

This project seeks to disseminate, promote and create a culture of respect for human rights among university students and society in general, in order to guide them on their fundamental rights, and with the awareness that the Mexican State has an obligation to respect and protect the human rights of all people. There will also be an exhibition containing each of the rights recognized in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Rene Salinas is an alumnus of «Oral Trials and Judicial Reform 2014» program International Visitor Program of the Department of State.

or   Summer Cool-tural | Imelda Cazares Arredondo (community leader) | Tamaulipas

This program will offer workshops on music production, modern dance, circus, recycling and street art to youth at risk, in order to keep them away from criminal activity and contribute to its potential, empowerment, training, participation , creativity and coexistence with their community. An American muralist participate in this initiative with local artists.

or   I took a Moche | Institutions Civic Council of Nuevo Leon, AC | New Lion

The project focuses on raising awareness among young adults about the existence of a platform to report acts of bribery. The culture of legality will be promoted among university students in the metropolitan area of Monterrey to raise awareness about the harmful effects of corruption. Activities will include courses culture of legality and youth activities in universities and public places. The consulate will also support an American speaker to address issues of transparency, open government, and citizen participation with students from the participating universities

For more details on these projects, see:


The call from the consulate required proposals that addressed issues related to environmental challenges, human rights, the involvement of young people at risk, economic opportunities for women and / or marginalized communities, promoting education in areas of innovation, science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), especially for women and girls, and the strengthening of democracy, civil society, good governance and justice.

The funds devoted to each of the above projects vary and maximum is $ 15,000.00 USD. The total investment of the consulate in these 10 projects is approximately $ 85,000.00 USD.


With this funding seeks to promote opportunities for members of civil society to develop skills, activities, ideas and / or projects that address specific needs of the community where they reside. The projects are related to the support of shared policies between the United States and Mexico, and will serve to broaden and deepen mutual understanding and foster closer ties between the two peoples.

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