Merida Initiative Helps Train Researchers for the New Criminal Justice System


Mexico City.- Estates of Mexico, Nuevo Leon, Colima, Coahuila, Jalisco, Michoacan and Campeche began teaching courses in criminal investigation instructors led to police investigators. This initiative is part of a national program for the creation of a cadre of specialized instructors.


This program is the result of a collaborative effort between the government of Mexico and the US Embassy under the Merida Initiative. The aim is to prepare police investigation to fulfill their responsibilities dictated by the new criminal justice system in Mexico. The Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System (SESNSP) has validated the course content. During this, researchers are instructed in basic skills that are essential for law enforcement and for the success of the criminal, such as the reasonable use of force during arrest or detention of individuals, criminal analysis, conservation processes the crime scene and evidence, and preparing to testify during the oral proceedings.


Embassy officials and US consulates in Mexico were present at the opening ceremonies in the State of Mexico, Nuevo Leon and Jalisco. Tobin Bradley, Director of the Office of Narcotics Affairs and Law Enforcement Embassy, ​​shared his optimism about the program and its impact on the administration of justice in Mexico: «We are very pleased to have this opportunity to support Mexico in the preparation of the police investigation to fulfill their responsibilities in the new criminal justice system. This program will promote the successful consolidation of the new criminal justice system in Mexico. »


Over the next three months, 31 states have completed similar courses. The three – week course includes training in criminal investigation and development of instructors. It will also create a table of 50 thousand instructors in criminal investigation, both state and federal levels, which in turn will train 30,000 police research throughout Mexico.


Through the Merida Initiative, the US government provides broad support for the government of Mexico for the consolidation of the adversarial criminal justice system. To date, the US Embassy in Mexico has funded the training of trainers first responders in the new criminal justice system for almost 500 thousand preventive police officers, whose training will be replicated for police officers throughout the Mexican Republic; since 2011 it has supported academic exchange trips to 30 thousand members of the federal judiciary; It has funded programs aimed at developing the skills of oral proceedings between students and law professors in more than 150 universities; It has equipped more than 120 courtrooms nationwide; and it has helped 14 states to establish the legal framework for implementation of the new criminal justice system. The Embassy continues to support the consolidation of the new criminal justice system through training, technical assistance and equipment donations that help to strengthen the rule of law and strengthening the institutions of law enforcement in Mexico.

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