Presentation of Progress of the Program Culture of Legality


Monterrey, NL to December 14, 2016 – This afternoon the US Consulate General in Monterrey and Entrepreneurs ABP Formando made the presentation of advances Small Citizens program, which seeks to contribute to and strengthen the culture of legality. This project was awarded to support the consulate gave ten community projects in the region.

Small Citizens is a program for children in 4th, 5th and 6th grade public, private and welfare primary schools, which seeks to promote and disseminate the culture of legality with the support of professionals volunteer with training and knowledge necessary for this purpose. The program is taught for six sequential sessions during school hours. It is contemplated that each student participate in the program for three consecutive years from fourth grade. Also, volunteers from the sponsoring companies and the community are invited to participate. At this stage, the consulate participated with three volunteers from its staff.

During the ceremony, the Consul General of United States in Monterrey, Timothy Zuniga-Brown, said: «It is gratifying to be participants and witnesses of the progress of the Small Citizens program. We are proud that through this project, the team shares that have generated are benefiting thousands of children. We thank the volunteers and participating companies. With young citizens we are creating greater awareness, making the sum of wills and turning schools in key instances for the formation of the culture of legality, respect and rights of citizens. Thanks to Formando Entrepreneurs for allowing us to join this extraordinary project. »

Humberto Garza, President of Formando Entrepreneurs ABP, said: «Today Formando Entrepreneurs ABP educates children about life skills on entrepreneurial skills and seeks to create in each of them a change agent, a promoter of peace and a citizens informed, participatory and fair, in a nutshell live in the Culture of Lawfulness. «the program Ciudadan small @ s @ s is a regional initiative but seeks to become a national initiative. Mexico needs Ciudadan small @ s @ s.

The project submitted to the consulate call was made for the Region 4 of the Ministry of Education of the State of Nuevo Leon, which includes the municipalities of San Pedro Garza Garcia, Santa Catarina, Garcia, educating 2,520 elementary students. Small Citizens tries to reinforce the concepts of culture of legality to those who already live and instructs and motivates those who do not know.

Small Citizens Region 4 was carried out by a collaboration agreement Formando ABP Entrepreneurs and the Ministry of Education with funding from the consulate and private companies.

The project objectives include:

  • Implement the program in 12 schools, 72 support groups with 144 volunteers who teach the program to 2,520 children benefited. Indirect beneficiaries are 6,300 people (teachers, parents, siblings).



  • Getting students to learn and adopt the advantages of living within the culture of legality, looking for students to be able to:


or   Create and establish rules of coexistence


or   Identify the fundamentals of justice


or   Know your rights


or   Reflecting its commitments


or   Carry out activities promoting the culture of legality in their school


or   Participate in the decision – making process that will benefit the community



  • Form a trained, active, dynamic, inclusive and participatory volunteers who have the necessary knowledge to support programs such as group facilitators.


Background on the call the consulate to fund community projects

The call from the consulate required proposals that addressed issues related to environmental challenges, human rights, the involvement of young people at risk, economic opportunities for women and / or marginalized communities, promoting education in areas of innovation, science, technology , engineering and mathematics (STEM), and the strengthening of democracy, civil society, good governance and justice. After an evaluation process more than 150 proposals received from six northeastern states of Mexico, the appraisal committee selected 10 projects that have been funded by the consulate over 2016, being youngest citizens one: https : //

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