US Trade Representative: Trump Government Announces Intention to Renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement

Screengrab from YouTube:   Bob Lighthizer

Washington, DC – The US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer today notified Congress that President Trump intends to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Through these negotiations, the United States intends to contribute to raising the wages of American workers and strengthen the growth of the economy improving trade opportunities with Canada and Mexico.

In the letter to Congress, Ambassador Lighthizer expressed the commitment of Trump administration to complete negotiations with timely and meaningful to consumers results, businesses, farmers, ranchers and workers in general. It will seek to achieve these goals while respecting American priorities and negotiating objectives established by Congress in the Bipartisan Law on Commercial Priorities and Accountability (Bipartisan Congressional Trade Priorities and Accountability Act, TPA) 2015. Negotiations will begin from 16 August 2017.

«Today, President Trump fulfilled one of the key promises made to the American people. For years, politicians have spoken of the need to renegotiate this agreement, but President Trump is the first to realize that promise »   Lighthizer said the ambassador. «The US Trade Representative will continue to consult with interested parties in Congress and the US to reach an agreement that promotes the interests of workers, farmers, ranchers and businessmen of our country.»

The United States Trade Representative shall publish a notice in the Federal Register urging the public to comment on the orientation, focus and content that negotiations should be North American Free Trade Agreement.

President Trump announced on February 2, 2017 the US intention to enter into negotiations regarding NAFTA. Since then, the US Trade Representative has initiated consultations with the relevant committees in Congress and with advisory committees, as stipulated in the TPA.

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