US Embassy Organizes TechCampCDMX: Technology, Innovation and Journalism in Action

Mexico City .- The US Embassy organized on 7 and 8 December technological camp (TechCampCDMX) for more than 50 journalists from Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala. With support from civil society and a group of national and international trainers, the TechCampCDMX gave participants information on digital security, legal training, investigative journalism, financing models, marketing campaigns, data mapping, and more.

During the TechCampCDMX, which was held at the new facility at the University of the Americas Puebla-Jenkins Graduate School, participants discovered new technologies, new relationships established and proposed solutions to the challenges they face every day.

During the inauguration of the event, Ambassador Roberta Jacobson, journalist Carmen Aristegui and the rector of the University of the Americas Puebla, Dr. Luis Ernesto Derbez Bautista spoke about the importance of journalism in a democracy and challenges facing the profession . Ambassador said: «I have a great admiration for you guild, who every day practice their profession with integrity, with courage, with respect to their sources and trueness.»

The TechCamps are organized by the State Department worldwide, and seek precisely to bring together activists, journalists and other agents of change technologists to solve real – life challenges. Specifically, this TechCamp focused on providing journalists from Mexico and Central America technology, expertise, digital tools and best practices in investigative journalism to perform their duties safely and effectively.


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